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Writing and style

In order to transmit the ideas, hypotheses and possible solutions of an academic work, it is necessary the writing and the style adjusted to the investigative line or academic area treated. In we adjust the document presented by the student, following the recommendations of the main institutions of national and world recognition, such as the APA Style Manual of the American Psychological Association, the Technical Standard for written works of the Institute of Technical Standards and Certification (Icontec), the Royal Spanish Academy, among others.

Writing: Grammar

Morphology: gender; number; verbal flexion; derivation (nominal, adjectival, adverbial, verbal, appreciative); prefixation; composition.


Classes of words and syntactic groups: noun and nominal group; adverb and adjectival group; Article; personal pronoun; demonstratives; possessive quantifiers; numerals; relative, interrogative and exclamatory; verbs preposition and prepositional group; Adverb and adverbial group; conjunction; interjection.

Functions: subject; complement (direct, indirect, of prepositional regime); attribute; attachments; informative functions.

Fundamental syntactic constructions: sentences (active, passive, impersonal and average); modality; subordinate sentences (substantive, relative); constructions (comparative, superlative and consecutive, casual, final and ilative, conditional and concessional); negation.

Style: Correction and editing.

Copywriting: Clarity; conciseness and effectiveness; precision; simplicity; opportunity; expressive vigor; tone and strength; accuracy; adequacy; reliability; impartiality; objectivity; ilation and coherence; congruence and truthfulness; familiarity; cohesion and property.