The wife says she keeps the gas tank half full, but I say it’s half empty

No surprise to those who know me, but I’m a bit of a lunatic when it comes to being prepared – especially during winter.  I toned it down when was kind enough to inquire, but fact is I carry a whole extra car inside my car.  Just in case.

Life-saving items to keep in your car in case a winter emergency happens

While weather-related vehicle emergencies aren’t always life-threatening, freezing conditions can quickly transform mechanical troubles or getting stuck in the snow into a deadly situation.Read more

PowerFlare Safety Beacon Review

Chemical-based road flares are going by the wayside, yielding to LED lighting technology and the many options available with the PowerFlare line of safety beacons. Emergency responders have good reason to move away from potassium perchlorate and other substances used in conventional pyrotechnic safety flares – not the least of …

Stupid wooded areas

When I was in shop class in school the teacher gave a lesson on power tool safety. To get his point across, he showed us photos of what happens when you don’t respect a jig saw. It wasn’t pretty but it kept us further from the business end of the …