Writing to children

I was recently asked why I write to my daughters when they are not yet old enough to read.

First, I intend to raise children that will one day be able to read.  I’ll at least give it a shot.  So we’ll call it an archive for now.

Second, with toddlers as my audience I can spew bad writing at will for years before they are ever able to confront me about it.  Being a parent is SO AWESOME – I have so much power! I am like a king, and when they get old enough to defy their ruler I can just create more little minions to boss around.  I yell when I want to yell even when they did nothing wrong, and I write what I want to write before they are old enough to read it!  That’s how you feel powerful and successful when you are far from it!!!


Silly children.



  1. I keep a travel journal for my granddaughter. The Three Girls (my granddaughter, daughter and myself) love to travel and every trip we take I log those special things we do. Even at home, when something really special is said or done, I log it in the journal. Someday, these will be treasured by ‘our’ girls!

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