Stupid wooded areas

When I was in shop class in school the teacher gave a lesson on power tool safety. To get his point across, he showed us photos of what happens when you don’t respect a jig saw. It wasn’t pretty but it kept us further from the business end of the thing. 

I like this teaching technique. It’s simple. So to prevent stupid, I will sometimes need to show you stupid. 

The first example (with so many more to follow, I’m sure):

Today at work we were discussing a colleague who had been bitten by a tick and ended up with a rash.  This caused one (stupid) coworker to remark “he got bit by a deer tick? He must have gone into the woods or something”. 

You see what I mean? There are so many problems here it hurts my head. For starters:

A. What does the woods even have to do with it at this point? He got bit. Try to keep up. 
B. If you end a statement with “or something” then silence was your best option.  You effed up. Apologize. 
C. Ticks are not exclusive to the woods. Fun fact. 

That’s like if you say Johnny has a cold and the response you get is “well Johnny must have been kissin’ up on a five-foot-three Hispanic girl with dark glasses and a ponytail who had a cold.”

I wish I could tell you people like this are priceless, but they’re a dime-a-dozen. 

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