Remember your father girls…

…without the fake flowers.

On each anniversary of the death of a former coworker we prominently display a photo in the lobby.  Now girls, I understand and respect the point – but please, PLEASE make sure that no one does this while your dear old man is lying comfortably six foot under.  The last thing your father wants is to be remembered with an inkjet-printed photo and a jar full of polyester snapdragons.  Now I suspect I will long outlive my coworkers, but if they must recall the day of my demise, they should do so over a pint of Sam Adams.  In the workplace, coffee cake and a Box-O’-Joe would probably do the trick.  And try to keep my former coworkers from doing this on the anniversary of the day I finally packed it in.  Let’s be honest, it’s not likely to be my proudest day.  Pick another date of significance – like the winter solstice or Canadian Boxing Day.

Ah, I can see it now…

Oooooo bagels and coffee? What’s the occasion?

Oh, our dad kicked it 17 years ago – milk is on the left, cream on the right.

I didn’t know he passed away on the 24th of March.

Oh my no – October in fact.  But he always had a fondness for World Tuberculosis Awareness Day – anyway, make sure you jump on those chocolate glazed munchkins before they’re gone!

Thanks girls

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