House arrest = No ballet class

No ballet class for you the other day Number One – it got cancelled.  Well, I accidentally took your mother’s car keys to work – quickly putting you 60 miles from any chance of doing as much of a jette battu as a 2 year old can do.

So here’s how the stupid went down: I grabbed your mother’s keys off the counter to try to clear the ice off her car the other day before work (note good deed).  In my rush to get to work, and my overwhelming 5am desire to fight crime, I jumped in my car before putting the keys back where they belong (or on the edge of the counter where your mother thinks they belong).  Anyway, I apologize for your house arrest.  Bright side?  It was only a one day detention – no ankle monitoring bracelet required.  With any luck you can get right back to your pirouettes piquee next week unencumbered by your father’s absent mindedness.

An error on top of a good deed = won’t hold it against me.  I hope.

Sorry girls!

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  1. Very funny! You are not only an amazing human being, you are also a great Dad. I wish you the best of luck with the blog. I hope you keep inspire all of us!

    Looking forward to reading more of upr articles.


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