Mother Nature fails me again


Mother Nature forgets your old man every time. It rains everywhere else in the world except on my lawn.

Rain radar photo

On the lawn 2…

Dear UPS, please direct your driver to stay off my grass. No surprise a beautiful green lawn gets no respect from a company where everything is brown.

On the lawn…

Just as the Lord created grass He created concrete. Each with it’s intended purpose. Grass: admiration. Concrete: transportation. #lawnlostlove

After all, what are lawns for?

There is nothing I love better than to finish mowing the lawn, bring the girls outside on a beautiful day, and kick the soccer ball around a bit. On the driveway.

Lawn Lost Love

My wife says that I pay more attention to my lawn than I do to my lawn.  I said – Lawn, that’s not true, you know I love you.

Dad’s new toy

Daddy got a new lawn mower today girls – so stay off of it!!! (my lawn, not the mower – play on the mower all you want)

Spring is upon us…

Remember girls – Daddy’s lawn is not meant to be trampled.  It is meant to be admired.  Ideally, from the porch, the driveway, or the sidewalk.