The wife says she keeps the gas tank half full, but I say it’s half empty

No surprise to those who know me, but I’m a bit of a lunatic when it comes to being prepared – especially during winter.  I toned it down when was kind enough to inquire, but fact is I carry a whole extra car inside my car.  Just in case.

Life-saving items to keep in your car in case a winter emergency happens

While weather-related vehicle emergencies aren’t always life-threatening, freezing conditions can quickly transform mechanical troubles or getting stuck in the snow into a deadly situation.Read more

Thanksgiving is an American Holiday

Ecuadorian Wife: Tomorrow we decorate the house for Christmas

Me: No, we do that after Thanksgiving

Wife: Thanksgiving is an American holiday

Me: So you decorate after Halloween?

Wife: No, we never celebrated Halloween

Me: So you decorate after the 4th of July?

PowerFlare Safety Beacon Review

Chemical-based road flares are going by the wayside, yielding to LED lighting technology and the many options available with the PowerFlare line of safety beacons. Emergency responders have good reason to move away from potassium perchlorate and other substances used in conventional pyrotechnic safety flares – not the least of …

Rooting out lunacy throughout the town! 

​[wpvideo KD65dj3u]​ You know what that is? The least climactic video you’ll ever see. But it shows the newly painted no-passing zone in front of my kids’ elementary school. My super-power is rooting out lunacy. Who allows passing in front of a school???   ​​

You gotta problem with my lilacs?

The Mrs. publicly attacked me for aggravating her allergies by bringing a bouquet of lilacs into the house.  Sales of her favorite essential oil recipe for relief skyrocketed as she took to Facebook to blame my thoughtful gesture for her swollen eyes.  Never mind the tree pollen storm that just descended upon our …

Now is no time to be humble

Coveted golden egg in hand, now all that’s left to do is walk around discreetly whispering to the other neighborhood children that they should reduce their levels of hope by one third.

Where are the town police?

In recent months, local police have been behind such initiatives as “high-five Fridays,” with officers enthusiastically greeting school children in the morning.  The #CopsLoveLemonadeStands hashtag has thrived on social media, with some police departments even encouraging parents to “report” their child’s lemonade stand in advance so cops can use the …