A World Made of Nerf Material

Girls, police work can be quite stressful. I do not want to minimize this fact, but those levels of stress pale in comparison to raising you girls.

We were talking about Disney cruises at work the other day.   I’m not so sure about these cruises girls.  How do they keep kids from falling overboard?  It must happen all the time.  No way, won’t do it.  While we’re at it – don’t even think about playing sports either – you will be irreparably harmed.   And NEVER ask to say over a friend’s house.  It’s a well-known fact that serial killers live in houses.   If I had my way everything on earth would be made of Nerf material – including soccer balls, field hockey sticks, and automobiles.  Speaking of automobiles, you just wait until you’re old enough to drive.  Your car is going to look like an experiment I did in junior high with an egg and a toy truck – picture springs, foam, rubber bands, duct tape, and packing peanuts.

Get ready girls.

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